Article: Top 10 minifigures Lego SHOULD make

Over the years Lego has made many, many, many good minifigures. However there are some that are missing from Lego. They may have appeared in Lego video games but never in an actual set. So in this post i’am counting down the 10 Lego should really make.

10. Zuckuss

Image result for star wars zuckuss

This bounty hunter made an appearance in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back. The bounty hunter battle pack from a few years ago came with a good deal of bounty hunter figures but not Zuckuss. I think many Star Wars fans hope to see him in Lego form in the future.

9. Blue Hulk 

Image result for marvel blue hulk This is one Marvel character i doubt Lego would ever make. Most people don’t even know who he is! I think he only ever appeared in one comic book. If he ever appears in the MCU (fat chance!) i hope Lego make him.

8. Pink Zane 


This figure would be a very collectible minifigure. This is actually one i’m very surprised Lego haven’t made yet. It would be a very funny character for Ninjago fans to have in their collection.

7. Solomon GrundyGrundyfoe.png

This DC super villain is one Lego might make. although he’s not a very popular DC character Lego have made lots of unpopular DC characters. So overall a character many DC fans hope to see.

6. Fantastic 4

Fantastic Four 509 (March 2004) cover art.jpg

I knew i had to include these guys on my list. I think all marvel fans are waiting to see the fantastic 4 in Lego form. For Mr. Fantastic Lego could use the new stretchy arms and The Thing would be an interesting bigfig. A must include for any list like this.

5. General Dodonna 

This is the general who gives the rebel pilots the plan on destroying the death star. He would be a great figure to have in any rebel base MOC. A character i hope to see in Lego form in the future.

4. Doomsday

Doomsday DC Comics.png

OK. I know Lego have already done him in mighty micro form.

76070 Doomsday

But i think he would look so cool in bigfig form. And this is one i’m really surprised Lego haven’t made. So i really wish Lego would made this bigfig.

3. Daredevil 

Daredevil 65.jpg

I’m totally sure you’ll agree with me on this one. The reason Lego haven’t made one one yet is because he is owned by Fox. But the good news is that Disney have bought Fox so we should see him soon! Woohoo!

2. Kaminoans 

 I don’t care if you make one or more Lego! As soon as i had watched Attack Of The Clones i was mad at Lego for not making these guys. Please Lego!

1. Shazam 

Shazam Captain Marvel.png

This character is one of my favorite superheroes of all time! He would make a perfect Lego minifigure! I also love his cape which i think Lego could make a good job of. That is what makes him number one on my list!


So i hope you enjoyed this article and please put in the comments what your list would be.


Review: Knockoff Kingpin bigfig

Right, you guys know from my Lego vs Lepin post that i hate fake Lego. The reason i bought this is because i REALLY wanted a Marvel Kingpin bigfig and Lego didn’t make one. he came from a brand called POGO. It came from Taiwan.

20181012_154035  So here he his.


I thought it would be interesting to show him in pieces. As you can see, the head is a separate piece.


So he has a white jacket and purple trousers. He kinda looks like a blown up version of Egghead from Batman! He has a very cheesy grin.


Back view. POGO didn’t do a very good job of covering up his butt marks (sorry, i couldn’t resist)!


So not bad for fake Lego. Well i did want a Kingpin fig. Tell me in the comments what you think of him.


Lego news: summer 2018 DC sets. My thoughts

Hey readers! Sorry i haven’t written in a while. The reason is that we recently moved to Liverpool for the time being (We are missionaries and are on home assignment). Anyway, i want to share my thoughts on the new DC sets.

 The first one is Attack Of the Talons, set number 76110. To me the build is just weird. Lego call it a Bat-bike (it’s not even a bike! It’s a backwards tricycle!). The figures are cool though. You get two Talon Assassins, Batman and Ace, the Bat-hound. So i think the only reason fans would get this is for the figures.

Batman™: Brother Eye™ Takedown

The next one is Brother Eye Takedown, set number 76111. You get a Batwing and an eye drone. The figures are Batman, Batwoman (Finally!) and OMAC. Again, the builds are bad but the figures are great.

Aquaman™: Black Manta™ Strike

The last one is Black Manta Strike, set number 76095. This is probably the best from the wave. It comes with a submarine for Black Manta, a shark and a piece of seaweed. The figures are Aquaman, Mera and Black Manta. I really like the design of the sub and the figures look awesome!

So i like the Black Manta set but i probably won’t get it. The other sets i don’t care for.


Lego news: Winter village fire station revealed!

I was really looking forward to seeing pictures of this new set in the winter village range so I got some pics off Bricklink.

It comes with a nice classic fire station and an engine, a fountain with a statue, a christmas tree (Which has a nice design), a bench and a sledge.

WVFS3 For figures you get three firemen and a firewoman, an ice hockey player, a girl, a cute baby and a dalmatian.


And here’s what you get inside the fire station. The snowman looks great with the Penguin hat!


And the box.


So really great set and I’am considering getting it! Put down in the comments what you think of it. Bye for now!

My life of Lego: My new building plan


I don’t know about you guys but I’m often at a loss at what to build. I just get those times when I feel like building something but don’t know what to build. So, recently Sainsburys (any of my British readers will probably know what I’m talking about, but for the Americans Sainsburys is a supermarket like Walmart) started doing these collectible Lego cards. You can collect character cards and build cards. When I first saw the build cards I had an idea: how about every time i’m looking for something to build I’ll pick out a build card! So I’ve been trading cards with my siblings to collect these build cards and it’s working really well! So there’s an idea for my readers who sometimes don’t know what to build!

Hope you like my idea! Bye!

Review: Throne Room Showdown

Hey there readers! Welcome to my review of the Ninjago Throne room showdown, set number 70651! I’ve been looking forward to doing this review so let’s jump straight into it!


That’s the whole set. Let’s start with the figures. This set comes with a whopping 5 minifigs! that’s a lot for a small set like this! 20180906_100823

The first 2 figures are Lloyd and Harumi. Lloyd has an angry face and new hair piece. He also has his ninja outfit and a sword. Harumi has white hair with a red ninja sword and one of those dangly things at the bottom.


Here’s their back printing and alternate faces.


Here are Nya and Skylor. I love Nya’s outfit and she has a great staff weapon! Skylor has two ninja swords. Lego are making good use of a red Batman belt! She also has two ninja stars.


Here are the alternate faces. I’m glad Skylor has somewhere to keep her ninja swords.



I decided to display Samurai X on her own because she is my favorite figure in the set! I’m so glad to get her in a cheap set because the only other set you can get this version of the figure is Killow vs Samurai X which is expensive. Her shoulder Armour kind of reminds me of Thanos’s Armour from Marvel. She has two swords and a cool samurai helmet!

20180906_101914.jpg This is her Samurai X face. (Sorry the pics are so wonky)


And of course in Sons Of Garmadon Samurai X got revealed to be Pixal.

And that’s it for the figures. Let’s move on to the builds.




This is what the whole throne room looks like.


This is Harumi’s throne. It has a nice mixture of gold and red on it. It has a big space for Harumi to sit. Underneath the throne is a secret compartment.


In the compartment there is a key and a three bladed dagger.


This is the entrance section. It has a security camera and two small banners. There is a clip for a pair of handcuffs. there is a super simple action feature.


You can blast away the gate with your finger to let the heroes in.


And finally, here’s the jail section. The design of the archway is almost the same as the entrance. I love how Lego used ninja swords for the bars!

So in my opinion a great cheap way to get five awesome minifigs. The build is pretty good but the figs really steal the show!

Good things 

  •  Great figures
  • Ninja swords as jail bars
  • Cheap way to get Samurai X

Bad things 

  • No leg printing on Skylor


Lego News: Lego vs Lepin

For a long time the knockoff brand Lepin has been copying Lego’s designs and products. Like this:

Cheap junk Star Wnrs? I mean, what rubbish! And look at this:


Nexu Knights? That looks so cool! (Sarcasm).


And Ninjag! I know it looks exactly like Lego’s version but it’s not actually what you get inside the box.

Now, the good news is that Lego sued Lepin 2.2 billion dollars! That means that Lepin won’t be able to make any more products! Woohoo! This means Lego will probably stand up to more fake brands! Nick Knights

Like S (or whatever that stands for!) and their weird Nick Knights!

JLB Junk

And it gets weirder and weirder!


Before I go I want to say thank you to my bud The Lego Geek for letting me use his photos. Look out for my upcoming review on Ninjago Throne Room Showdown!




Lego news: Betrayal on Cloud City revealed!

Hello readers! Today I want to show information of the new Betrayal on Cloud City. Please note all my pictures in this article are from Here it is:

Betrayal at Cloud City™

It looks pretty awesome! It comes with 18 minifigs!  Han Solo, Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker in Bespin outfits, Chewbacca, C-3PO, Lando Calrissian, Lobot, 2 Cloud City Guards, 2 Cloud Car Pilots, Leia and Han in Hoth outfits, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, 2 Stormtroopers and an Ugnaught, plus R2-D2 and an IG-88 droid. Phew! That Ugnaught looks even uglier than the the one from the Carbon Freezing Chamber set, which my brother has!

 I love that cloud car, but i think the Slave-1 looks terrible compared to the UCS one. It looks like it has lots of space to do battle scenes. I also love all the extra hidden rooms.

This is the room where Han and Leia get trapped. I like how Lego are using Master Wu hats (I honestly don’t know what they’re called). In this case a lampshade!

Betrayal at Cloud City™

And the box.

So a pretty epic set, but a real money spinner! The retail price is £299.99, and for my American readers $349.99! So i would recommend you wait for a sale to get it.

See you next time!

Lego news: Microscale Diagon Alley revealed!

A couple of days ago Lego revealed a new Harry Potter set, which is the first microscale set in the new Harry Potter theme (apart from Hogwarts which was HUGE). I got some pictures off Brickset:

The builds are representing different shops in Diagon Alley. They are: Flourish and Blotts, Quality Quidditch Supplies, Gringotts Bank, Ollivanders and Weasleys Wizard Wheezes. It also includes an exclusive Ollivander figure. I must say I love that head tipping it’s hat on the Weasley twins’ store!

Here’s the back of the box.

So it looks pretty cool but i’m not liking the price. Brickset say it’ll go for around $40-$50! And besides I don’t have much use for microscale builds. I know they are for display but I like playing with lego.

So that’s it for now. Bye!

MOC: Zane’s freezebot

Hey guys! welcome to another MOC! Today’s MOC will be a Ninjago MOC. It is: ZANE’S FREEZEBOT.

20180827_100059 (You can see i’m getting better with the photos). I thought it would be fun to make a robot companion for Zane even though he is one himself! And the figure i chose to display with my creation is of course Zane from the RAID ZEPPELIN, set number 70603.


The robot is meant to glide around. Since it is a freezebot, i decided to use the top of an ice block from a city arctic set. I also used one of those dish pieces. Those technic pieces are the freeze cannons. That red cone at the top is radar.

20180827_100207 Back view.


Freeze spider guy! (Oh no! Has one of the Wu-cru turned bad?)


And you, shark guy! (looks like Zane’s joined forces with Lord Garmadon!)

Image result for lord garmadon

Wuhuhuhu! I would have preferred to have Lloyd join me though!

And that does it! See ya guys!